For the past year or so I have been the Dream Blogger for Discover the Region Magazine. I am truly passionate about dreams. I find that they are a barometer of our mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual health and well-being.  My own have fascinated me, enlightened me, helped me solve problems, led me to career enhancement and on occasion romanced me.

I have been a guest on nearly every talk show on television and the topic that got me invited was dreams. We all dream every night, even if we don’t always remember them. Dreams are compensatory, that is they give us what we are missing in our waking lives. If you are on a diet you may dream of pie. Separated from your honey, you may dream of loving times together, if you quit smoking or drinking you may dream of enjoying a deep drag or a delicious sip. Our nightly dreams can offer protection from future danger, spiritual insights, visits with departed loved ones, and they can resolve our concerns for us.

I’m not breaking up with dream work.  Far be it! We are in a deeply committed long-term relationship. However, I do have another love, a main-squeeze that I spend time with every day. We meet in my office in the middle of the night. We languish over coffee or bubbly or gallons of water. This love is with me always; as I bathe, walk, cook, and fold warm, clean clothes, my love in in my thoughts, in my head, in my heart! At times I can barely catch my breath, my love, the other love, consumes me with cravings for our delicious time together. Our lust knows no boundaries. What is this love you wonder? What causes this urge, these aches for surrender? You are experiencing my love right now for yourself, it is writing.

Stringing words in certain orders, evoking feelings, concerns and interest, educating, informing, and entertaining, it is all glorious for me. I love writing. I love everything about it. I love to read myself into a fantasy world, or into the recesses of history. I love teaching writing, helping seniors write their memoirs for their friends, families and future generations. I love being a book editor, a ghostwriter and a copywriter for websites and magazines. I love interviewing people and writing my account of our encounter, capturing a moment in time.

When I was in elementary school I would often get a grade of 100/75. The top number reflected the teacher’s opinion of my creative writing the bottom number reflected my abilities with spelling and grammar. Have I mentioned how I love spell and grammar check in Word? May I count the ways? I love thee to the depth and breadth of, whatever Shakespeare said!

I have written longtime columns for the Los Angeles Times and the Arizona Republic, both on the topic of dreams. Thank you Universe for combining two of my loves and paying me for it! I have written numerous magazine and online articles as a freelance writer. I have edited poolside in a bikini. I love my work.

Editing can be a bit intimidating for writers and authors. It may feel as though you are back at school and being judged and graded. By the way, that is one of the top five most common dream themes.  I am here to tell you that every editor I’ve ever had made me a better writer. I love writers and I love gently helping them become better at the craft, the love we both share. Oh yes, I can share my love and I’m never jealous although I may have borrowed an adjective or two from time to time.

If you’ve always thought about writing but were unsure about how to proceed, I can be your coach, your support system and as Dr. Phil says, “your safe place to fall.” I have been on his show a few times discussing the value, benefit and merit of dream work.

Everyone has at least one book in them; that is of course the story of their life. If you don’t write it your story will be missing from the tapestry of humankind. If you’d like to discuss the possibilities of working together, I am here for you.