Creativity and Healing through Zen Painting

Alok Hsu Kwang-hanWhere does creativity come from? According to Zen calligraphic painter Alok Hsu Kwang-han it arises from emptiness, from the silent space that houses the intelligence prior to thought. With a few simple tools, rice paper, ink, a brush and a collection of Zen teachings Alok unlocks a magical door for his students. He says that he teaches painting “by not teaching painting.” Instead he shows students how to get out of their own way, so that “creativity happens on its own.”

A two-day workshop will be held on October 1st & 2nd, 2016 at the Sedona Arts Center. Zen calligraphic painter Alok Hsu Kwang-han will conduct the class. “You will be guided to be rooted in and move from your energy body, to become intimate with the power of not-knowing, and to allow your brush to dance from emptiness. It will become obvious to you that this is a healing journey as well as a creativity workshop.”

Students are encouraged to share their work and the experience of creating it with others in the class, with humor and support of each other, each participant gleams new insights into their own creativity and healing.

No prior experience with painting or Zen is necessary. All supplies are provided including, for participants to keep, a set of three calligraphy brushes designed by Alok and made by the best traditional brush factory in China.

Alok’s paintings are exhibited and available for purchase at the Linda Goldenstein gallery in West Sedona.

There is one prerequisite, that is to view the 69 minute documentary, “Moving from Emptiness: the Life and Art of a Zen Dude.” The film has been shown in 12 film festivals and is available via online streaming or as a DVD purchase from the filmmaker’s, Jerry Hartleben and Shaeri Richards, website

To register or for more information please contact facilitator: Necole Zeigler via email:

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