The Power of Connection

I was planning to be asleep by now or at least in a great bath, but here I am sitting at my computer in my home office because my mind will not shut off. Maybe you have nights like this? You are tired, but your mind won’t be quiet.

For me, most often these nights are worth getting up for and worth making notes for future articles or other important pondering points. I was born at exactly 11:11 pm and I am a night owl. I love to sleep in and wake slowly. I adore coffee in bed in the morning and equally adore a nightcap with great conversation at night.

I had a medical appointment today in a city 90 minutes to two hours away from my home. A dear friend drove me and we also had a great business meeting with two others while there. Along the way we discussed and solved the problems of the world, I love that.

So the thing that is keeping me awake is love, friendship and gratitude. I feel deeply blessed by friends. I remember as a kiddo someone said, to have friends you must be a good friend.” I hope that I am a good friend. I try to be. I’m sure I fall short. I don’t get involved in deep drama… but I do care and I do pray.

Recently, in the past year or so, my Junior High School Spanish teacher and I became Facebook friends.  I adore this woman; she was instrumental in my becoming myself. I love Facebook for exactly this reason. I am in touch with so many people that I would otherwise have no idea how to get in touch with: cousins, I have been out of touch with for years, but still care about and love, and other extended family members, former co-workers, producers of current TV and radio programs…Facebook unites us all. Elva Crawford was my Spanish teacher in, I think 8th and 9th grade at Sequoia Junior High School. I had a different Spanish teacher in 7th grade, a male, he observed and told me in Spanish that my boyfriend and I were in love but would never work out. Tag you Keith Dahlgren! I have traveled to Spanish speaking countries and even though my Spanish is pitiful, I can get by and have even have some delightful conversations. Thank you Elva, who we called Mrs. C because she was sweet and round like a cookie. I just learned that Elva is only 14 years older than I am. That blew my mind. Shouldn’t teachers be at least further away in age than you that they could be your parent? I don’t know… that was a revelation.

Savvy me is beyond grateful. I have no regrets. I have had many challenges in my life as we all have. I say thank you LIFE. Let’s keep connecting. Let’s keep breathing…