Get Involved


Well, I have been avoiding the political season…in this blog. Mainly because I want to focus on positive things and support our growth as we age…ever so gently…hopefully!

However the current political scene is historic and we are all a part of it. Even if you don’t watch TV or read the political news…it is affecting all of us.

In my twenties I supported the League of Women Voters…I was 18 when the legal age to register to vote was lowered from 21 to 18. The thought was that since we as a nation were not just recruiting but drafting 18 year olds that—if they could die for our country—they were certainly entitled to vote for the leadership they believed in. I remember thinking if they had to carry weapons and drill all day they certainly deserved a beer at the end of the day…but that is a different story. The legal drinking age was and still is 21.

I was raised in a Republican family and I married a Republican man. When I was able to register, I asked my dad, who I loved dearly, “what is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?”

My dad who was, by the way, a blue-collar worker not a wealthy man, financially speaking, although he would have told you he was wealthy in his knowledge of the Lord, said, “Republicans believe that if you work hard and earn money you should be able to keep it…” Who could argue with that?  I thought. Dad continued, “The Democrats think we should pay for everyone else…”

There may have been, probably were more points such as infrastructure, who pays for police, fire department, roads etc. but that is what stuck with me…

Now, I have been involved in non-profit organizations all of my adult life. I Love helping others and I enjoy working with other like-minded individuals. I have served on many boards and served in a many capacities. It is an entirely, and unexpected perk to love and enjoy the people I get involved with. Not all of course…but some really great friendships come out of these contributions.

Anyway,  I want to share with other seniors, it is still hard to believe that 60 is considered a senior,…even if you have never done it before…even if you don’t know how to proceed…volunteering a few hours a week can open up your life! Just choose a topic, one that you have a passion for such as the local library, there are so many environmental causes such as helping with recycling…contributing your skills, talents and abilities can reinforce why you are here on our wonderful planet at this time and enhance your life in numerous ways, you could teach someone how to read! Imagine how that would not only improve not only a life but also a family.