Living a Relevant Life

Recently I had to call 911 for a ride to the Medical Center, I was transferred from there to the hospital where I spent four days. I expect to recuperate fully, however the experience has left me questioning my goals as I plan and navigate the third act of my life.

Actually the past couple of years I have begun to notice that what I used to love isn’t as satisfying as it once was.   For decades, whenever possible I began my day with a cup of coffee in bed with one of the national news and entertainment programs. I still enjoy the coffee in bed part, but the topics on the shows, other than the headlines of course, just don’t hold my interest.

I have always loved to cook and began watching all of the various cooking programs whenever they made it on the scene. I adored them and had the cooking network or the food channel running non-stop in my kitchen as I cooked. It was so great! But I do not need to see another chef show me how to chiffonade my basil, shock my green beans or freeze my leftover herbs in an ice cube tray. In fact, I am just not as interested in cooking anymore. One of the developments of my recent hospital stay was a dictate to eat lean and low fat. Clean eating is a beautiful way to eat and I feel good doing it. Still, the excitement I used to feel walking into a culinary supply store or gourmet market has waned.

For decades no matter how early I had to get up the following morning I had to watch, at the very least, the monologue, of one of the late night entertainment shows. These days although I appreciate the great talents of the hosts, I don’t know who most of the actors or musicians are, my pop culture references are for the most part non-existent.

So, no reason to continue these habits and behaviors! It is my life and I want to make each day and hour relevant, interesting and fulfilling. What will that look like? That is what I hope to find out.