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My Bra is Too Tight

My Bra is Too Tight The cups are fine, but the part of my bra that reaches around my upper back to secure my breasts with three hooks and three eyes is cutting off my circulation, causing shallow breathing and physical pain. It wasn’t that long ago that I purchased this garment. Let’s face it brassieres’ are no small investment these days. Last time I was in need of a supportive undergarment I went to a shop with an official bra fitter. A woman with a tape measure draped over her shoulders like a stethoscope came toward me. “Shall...

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Savvy At 60

Have you ever wondered, is that all there is? Savvy at 60 is where I share my reflections on life. It’s about how to stay relevant while aging gracefully. We may not be able to do everything we once did, but there are new and exciting joys to explore.

Sedona, Az- Savvy at 60

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